about eurograduate


The EUROGRADUATE consortium will work with a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to reach its goals. The methodology used in each work package is chosen according to appropriateness, aspects of scientific quality and cost-effectiveness.
Surveys will be implemented to gather information on the demands for and possibilities to participate in a European graduate research project among national ministries, national rectors’ conferences and research groups conducting national graduate studies.

Expert interviews will be conducted among the members of the Stakeholders’ and Scientific Board, who are also actively involved in reviewing the progress and the decisions of the Consortium. Complementing the expert interviews, focus group discussions will bring together the views of European level organisations of students, higher education institutions, employers, employees, policy makers, and researchers on the potential of a European graduate study.

A combination of interviews, desk research, and quantitative analyses will be used to assess existing European data capacities. The problem solving capacities of existing European data sets for the purposes of this project will be tested directly by calculating a set of basic indicators on HE graduates.

The outlined steps are all highly interconnected and build upon one another. The quality of work and working processes will be supervised by all project partners and discussed at project meetings. Two project boards - the Stakeholders’ and the Scientific Board - will give external feedback on interim results, research plans, report drafts, and publications of the project, ensuring high-quality methods and results.