• Amsterdam, 08 October 2018

    Launch of the EUROGRADUATE survey
    After months of preparation, the fieldwork of the EUROGRADUATE pilot survey has started in October 2018. Samples of graduates have been contacted in the pilot countries Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Malta and Norway and invited to participate in the EUROGRADUATE survey.
  • Amsterdam, 14 August 2018

    Pre-test of EUROGRADUATE questionnaire
    After the translation and country adaptations of the EUROGRADUATE questionnaire have been finalized in July by cApStAn, DESAN has invited the research team to a first pre-test. In the following the questionnaire will be revised and improved before being fielded in October.
  • Thessaloniki & Hannover, 15 June 2018

    Communicating the EUROGRADUATE idea
    The EUROGRADUATE pilot study was presented on several occasions. Christoph Meng gave a talk on “EUROGRADUATE: Towards a European Graduate Survey” at the CEDEFOP learning forum on Skills anticipation methods and practices in Thessaloniki. Kai Mühleck participated via video link in the seminar on Career Monitoring of the ISEW Club Career services in Finland with a presentation on the “EU perspective to career monitoring”.

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