The EUROGRADUATE survey is a one-off pilot survey of recent graduates in 8 European countries, which aims to lay the ground for a sustainable European-
wide graduate survey. This is an exciting initiative to map the impact that experiences of European graduates during their time as students have had on
their professional lives and their lives as European citizens. We want to know how happy the graduates are with their studies, how they sustained themselves,
whether they travelled abroad and what they did after graduation. We will use the findings to compare different higher education systems in Europe and identify
ways in which they can become better at preparing young people for the world of work and their role in society.


Research into graduate pathways is important for guiding higher education institutions in assessing and improving their programmes and teaching methods.
The information also helps future students make better choices regarding their studies and career plans.
Decision makers will also be better informed when making funding and legislative decisions.
At European level, this data will allow us to monitor progress towards the European Education Area and identify areas that need more investment and resources.




  • Online, 04 July 2019

    Virtual meeting of the Advisory Board
    The virtual meeting of the Advisory Board on July 4th, 2019 was held with the purpose of giving an update and providing room for discussion on the national and comparative reports. Christoph Meng presented preliminary results of the pilot survey and the templates for the reports.
  • Brussels, 11 - 12 June 2019

    3rd meeting of the Commission expert group on graduate tracking
    The third meeting of the expert group on graduate tracking gave stage to intensive talks on possible options for surveying graduates. The EUROGRADUATE team was represented doubly by Christoph Meng and Kai Mühleck who presented recent results from the pilot survey.
  • Vienna, 13 - 14 May 2019

    Pilot Country Meeting
    In a two-day workshop in Vienna organized by our Austrian partner (IHS) all national teams from the eight pilot countries shared their experiences from the field phase, fruitfully discussed preliminary results and exchanged inspired ideas on dissemination strategies for the EUROGRADUATE pilot survey.

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