about eurograduate


The EUROGRADUATE feasibility study asks if and whether a sustainable study on Europe’s higher education graduates could be established. To this end it systematically explores:

  • The demands for a European graduate study: What would a European graduate study need to deliver in the eyes of the various stakeholders? What kind of questions should it be able to answer? How important is it to set up such a study? Key stakeholders’ views on these issues will be investigated. Key stakeholders are: decision makers at the regional, national, and European level, higher education managers and professionals, students, employers, employees, and researchers.
  • The existing capacities for monitoring European graduates: A variety of European and international data sets regularly provide comparative information on European higher education graduates. To what extent are these data sets able to cover the needs for information of the stakeholders? What are their advantages? What are their shortcomings? What is the lack of information a European graduate study would need to provide?
  • The point of departure at national level: Whether and how are higher education graduates monitored and studied in the different European countries? What are the similarities and differences between the different national approaches? How could a European graduate study tie in with national approaches? Are there common patterns in national graduate studies a European graduate study could build on?
  • The options of organizing and financing a European graduate study: How could a European graduate study be organized for an efficient and effective collaboration among the partners involved? How should it be set up to lead to a sustainable project and allow for a growing number of countries covered? What are suitable sources of funding and how can they be made accessible?